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    The Iowa draw has been completed. After the draw we do have some opening for bow season and our gun seasons.The Iowa draw was  not good to us or our clients. Anyone looking for a hunt in Zone 4 for the 2022 season give us a call. Give us a call and see if it will work for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Getting lots of pictures on our still cameras. Looks like another really good year for hunting big bucks.
   We have had request for earlier bow hunting dates. With that being said, we are opening up the last couple weeks of October for this year. With doing this we have openings for bow season this year. We still have a few openings for our shot gun and muzzleloader seasons too. Give us a call. Wishing everyone a good and safe hunting season this year.
Our minimum will now be 130 score with a fine of $1000 for anything smaller. This will be strictly enforced.
       This years turkey season will be one for the books. We had great hunters and experienced hunters but the gobblers made it a challenge. We had good birds taken but they made the guys work hard for them. They would gobble on the roost and once they hit the ground it was over with. That's the reason they call it hunting. Great bunch of guys and we had a great time with them. It was great t have them back after a year off.

        The guy that got the one with two beards didn't have the bragging rights after the hunts were all over last year. The one bird weighed 24 pounds, spurs 1 and 3/8 inches, and beards measuring  9 3/4, 8 1/2, 7 1/2, and 7 1/4 inches for a total of 32 3/4 inches. Possibly a once in a lifetime bird. It went to a young 13 year old hunter. He was excited to say the least.
Looking forward to fall now and having our deer hunters. It's always an interesting time with lots of stories. Hope you all have a great rest of your summer. We will keep you posted on any changes from the DNR or things happening here at Iowa Droptine Outfitters. Get hose bows and guns fine tuned.

Now for a couple updates on our operation here at Iowa Droptine Outfitters. We have added taking a few firearm hunters. We are opening limited first and second shotgun and muzzleloader hunts. Also we are offering late season muzzleloader hunts from January 1-10. Once again they are very limited so call for information.
Another change we have made is we are now offer the opportunity to use tower blinds for both archery and gun hunts.  We have added many more food plots in strategic locations. We have leased more land to accommodate these gun hunts.
Nothing has changed as far as the Iowa DNR. It looks like it will take four points in hand to draw an archery tag and one for firearms.
Call for any information on our hunts, DNR information, we look forward to helping you get your trophy of a lifetime. Remember all our hunts are booked by the date we receive your deposit, so get those deposits sent to secure your spot. 

Call now for 2022 and 2023 and beyond archery hunts. Thanks for all the great clients in the past and looking forward to many more in the future. Our pheasant count is much better and we are now booking hunts again.
Give us a call or email about any questions on coyote, spring turkey, or deer hunts. Our families at Iowa Droptine Outfitters are looking forward to showing you an Iowa hunt to remember. When you hunt with Iowa Droptine Outfitters our goal is to help you harvest a trophy animal and make you feel like apart of our family when you leave.
May all your shots hit the target! God Bless. 

Denny Jacque Jerry Amy 
To apply on line, go to, look for the hunting license sales icon and follow the prompts. A nonrefundable applicant fee and a credit card fee will be added to applications whether submitted by Internet or phone. The telephone ordering system number is 1-800-367-1188. 

To hold your spot for another year a deposit must be received by January 1 after your hunt with us. Deposits are non-refundable.
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