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Had the opportunity to acquire some new land which we will be having a select few gun hunts on. Also, we have opportunities for bow hunts on this new land. We will be able to have more hunts available.


Trophy Whitetail Bow Hunting
Located in Zone 4, our shotgun season does not open until December allowing our bow hunters to hunt undisturbed throughout the full spectrum of the Rut.  Our Bow Hunting ONLY program insures a good age structure increasing the number of MATURE BUCKS. 


Our minimum on harvestable Bucks is 130 inches.  There is a $1000.00 fine for bucks that fall short of this minimum.  This system helps maintain our age structure and keeps hunters from taking less-than-desirable deer.



The application period for 2022 deer license and preference points is May7 June56.  We are Zone 4.

Non-residents must apply for an any deer license beginning at 6 a.m. on the first Saturday in May through the first Sunday following Memorial Day. The non-resident application will be available in April.

You can request an application by calling (515) 725-8200 or (515) 281-4687.  You must contact us here at Iowa Drop to reserve your hunt date of choice.


Application dates for 2022 are May 7 thru June 5, 2022. Non-resident deer hunting licenses may be applied for through the DNR's new web-based license sales system of by calling the telephone ordering system at 1-800-367-1188. To apply on line, go to look for the hunting license sales icon and follow the prompts. A non-refundable application fee and a credit card fee will be added to applications whether submitted by Internet or phone. 


All non resident Any deer application will include a mandatory Antlerless only application for an additional $100. Successful applicants will receive an Any deer and an Antlerless only license. If unsuccessful, neither license will be issued.  

Hunters who tag a deer must report the harvest to the DNR by midnight of the day after it is killed, before taking it to a locker, before processing it for consumption or before leaving the state, whichever occurs first. The hunter whose name is on the tag placed on the animal must report. If no animal is harvested, no reporting is necessary. Failure to report or falsely reporting may result in a misdemeanor citation.


Bow Hunts


Effective October 1, 2012 due to the troubles incurred with expandable broadheads, we will no longer allow them. Average shot distance this past year was 18 yards so we figure your fixed blades are more than adequate to harvest your trophy deer.   



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